Sonnagh Hills

Baby Reflexology 1:1 Class

Baby Reflexology 1:1 Class

A soothing & nurturing reflexology treatment for Baby/Child, which can be performed from 4 weeks old.
The ‘ Positive ‘ touch therapy leads to an increased feeling of calm & Comfort.


Baby reflexology is a natural approach to help ease any ailments.

Offering techniques that can be used at anytime to comfort your baby.

It is recommended not to carry out baby reflexology for at least 48 hours after baby vaccinations.

Baby reflexology is a complementary therapy and does not take the place of medical care.

Baby reflexology is a simple and effective therapy, naturally calming and improves well-being. Parents will learn reflex techniques with their baby’s feet.

A relaxing environment of music and sensory lighting is enjoyable for both parent and baby.

Sonnagh Hills offers a homely, warm environment. Tea and refreshments are offered.

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